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Politics (in the words of a layman)

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

What a rubbish few years it has been for our country. Neither the self centred politicians on both sides of the house in the UK nor the Eurocrats in Brussels have helped matters. With all that going on business has been good for us but only being in the right place more than anything. Plastic, what a horror story that is. In our house we have been recycling for years but I’m sure succesive governments have been sending it abroad for most of that time. Now it’s coming home, it’s coming home, plastic’s coming home.

Recycle, reuse, buy fresh produce from your local farmers market and if you have a garden try growing some veg yourself to save on plastic packaging, it is great for your mental health, grow some!

Vegetable Garden with concrete base in background waiting for green house.

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